VA Pakistan is a virtual assistant organization that provides virtual assistance services by managing all the time taking tasks remotely with perfection and as per requirements.

what we offer

Your time is valuable, especially if you’re a busy person. Delegate duties to a hand-picked, high-quality virtual assistant who is committed to the long haul to increase your productivity.

Amazon Private Label

We provide Amazon FBA/FBM Private Label A to Z services & account management in any marketplace.

Amazon WholeSale

Like PL, We also offer A-Z Wholesale FBA/FBM services on Amazon. We have best Virtual Assistants who have experience in the Wholesale model.

Retail Arbitrage & Drop Shipping

If you're looking for a quick-rich scheme we offer retail arbitrage & Dropshipping in the various markets.

What We Have Here for You

Product Research

We offer our services for the challenging and time-consuming job of product research. We have a dedicated team of product researchers who are experts in this field. We have established a set of criteria that determines whether a product is suited to a particular market.

Keyword Research

Looking for the best keywords for your product in order to rank it or run PPC campaigns against it? We have the best strategy to find the most appropriate keywords for your product. We make sure that you get maximum results from your desired keywords.

Product Sourcing

Choosing the right supplier is one of the crucial parts of launching a product. A defect-free, low-cost, and timely delivered inventory is essential to your business' success. Our expert team can help you select the best supplier for your product.

Content Writing

Attractive content equipped with relevant SEO-optimized keywords leads to engaging the right audience. Whether you want to sell your product or write for your blog it is a crucial part of conveying your message about your topic. Therefore, we offer content writing, listing creation, and listing optimization services for your product & services.

Product launching

Launching a successful product requires a strategic approach based on understanding the market. The strategy is comprised of segmenting and analyzing the market. A well-designed strategy will minimize the chance of product failure while maximizing its chances of success.

Product Ranking

After launching your product on Amazon or any marketplace you need a strategy to rank it on page one. In order to accomplish that, you need to market your product on various platforms, so that people can be informed about it. We have a dedicated ranking department that ensures your ranking on search engines.

Budgeting & Projection

The budgeting is comprised of the expenses incurred during the various stages of launching, including fixed expenses, variable expenses, etc. While projection is how we will project your launch for the next quarter according to the market trends and events. It will maintain your ROR & ROI on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis.

Digital Marketing

A modern form of advertising, using social media and digital media platforms, is digital marketing. It involves strategic steps to advertise your product in such a way that you incur the minimal cost of sale and gain maximum profit. We have a veteran digital marketer here who will keep you stress-free with their marketing expertise.

Amazon Account Creation

Amazon account creation is a first step towards selling online so it should be done carefully. While many people make mistakes in creating which results in a permanent ban on their details. We can help you with that as we have a lot of experience in the creation of Amazon accounts in any marketplace. We will require certain information & documents from you and we will take care of everything.

Shopify Business

Shopify has a good potential for selling products online globally. We offer A to Z services in all business models of Shopify from account creation to selling, ranking, and customer services. If you want to start your business on Shopify you can hire our best Virtual Assistants.

Company Creation

In order to start and secure your business, you need to have a company in a respected marketplace. It helps you to create your identity as (LLC, Ltd, etc) in the country where you will deal with legal proceedings. We provide services to create one for you, we have accountants who can deal with all of your legal proceedings.

Patent Check & Trademark Registration

A patent is a term in which we protect our design, utility, intellectual property, trademark, etc and also we check if it is used by any other seller so we are not violating any rule. We can give you patent checks and patent registration services in a professional way.

Web Development

With our high-quality and professional web development services, you can take your business on the world wide web. we try to remain technology agnostic, which allows us the freedom to truly recommend the best development solutions to meet your individual business needs.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Search engine optimization (SEO) aids your company's success. Your company's visibility in search results on Google, Bing, etc would improve as a result of SEO. You narrow your search results to those that are relevant to your organization, goods, services, or industry.

Why Hire Us
As A Virtual Assistant?

We enable people to focus on important tasks that drive business growth quickly. Our Businesses hire virtual assistants to handle an excessive amount of tasks. Our team proceeds with your business objectives strategically.

Frequently Asked Questions

Task or job varies time to time to be completed, every object require specific time and we give our maximum to fulfil the job before or on time. You will be assigned a particular date of completion of your project.

As far as communication goes, we prefer to communicate verbally, but we offer multiple channels of communication as well. You can check out our website.

We are ready to take measures to satisfy our clients, because we value their satisfaction. We do not share their business information with third parties.

Work remotely and manage all sorts of virtual projects are the main duties of virtual assistants.

Reduced labor costs, increased productivity, enhanced flexibility, improved work quality, reduced risk in scaling operations, and skills to match your business requirements.